Heartfelt Prayer for Current Events

This week and last week I have not posted a Topic Tuesday  or Walk in Faith Wednesday because there has been so much going on where I would like to share my opinion but the issues are so big and complicated I can’t wrap my head around it enough.  However, even though I do not fully understand what is going on and all I know is what the media decides to convey, God knows the whole picture.  So today I want to share my prayer.

Dear Lord,

I thank you for the well being of my loved ones and myself in this time where so many tragic events are occurring in my country and far away.  Yes, I am blessed, but I could be in situations similar to these and I would want to feel your presence so I pray that Your presence be known to these people who are in so much pain.

I  pray for Nepal, as they have seen nearly 4,000 people killed and many more injured in the earthquake and aftershocks.  People’s families, homes and businesses have been destroyed.  I cannot begin to imagine the hurt and sadness of these people.  I pray that they will find strength in You to move on.  I pray for their safety as they begin to rebuild as well as the safety of those who travel out there to help clean up the brokenness.

I lift up the people of Baltimore whose city has become a scene of chaos and fear.  The people who feel justified in these horrible actions need a way to be heard for their needs to be met.  I feel for those families who lost their place of work and now have to find a way to support their families because of the irresponsible actions of others.  I pray for the children and the teachers who now have to put their lessons aside in order to comfort their frightened students who don’t understand what is going on.  I pray for the city leaders and police officers who are exhausted and are having to use force against those who are using the wrong actions to protest police force.  I pray for the cops who are guilty of the force that is being protested and that they will change their habits and make better choices for the people they are supposed to protect.

I pray for us as a country, from Treyvon Martin to Freddie Gray, to the incident at Valdosta State University where we as a nation are attacking each other.  Help us to learn to love each other, to stand for what we believe is right without dehumanizing others for their different opinions.  You have given us passionate spirits, help us to use that gift to glorify You and do Your work instead of attacking the people you have commanded us to love.

It’s been one week since the accident involving students at Georgia Southern who were killed on their way to nursing clinicals.  So many students commute on that road, as I did to go home, to see friends, or to meet requirements for classes.  The school has truly come together and shown love and support.  I pray that this is an example of what the rest of the country should learn.  It will be a long road to healing for the families, friends and students and I pray that you embrace them.

Lord, please grant us peace.