The Unexpected

Walk in Fatih Wednesday- there are times where the Lord puts things in front of you that you would never anticipate before.  But He always puts the right people in my life at the right time.  Recently I went to a Premiere jewelry party for a new friend who is starting in the business. I’ve been to many a Mary Kay parties and ThirtyOne at what-not and I enjoy the light heartedness of the group of gals sitting around and looking at the products that surprisingly starts to bring out life stories.  We relate the product to our lives and in that are able to share a sweet bond.  However, never did I think that was something I could be comfortable with doing for myself.

Well somehow it got in my head that this is something I could do, that I would be good at, that would challenge me to grow.  I’ve spent some time thinking about it and although I was still a little on the fence I went to a small regional training session just to get a better feel for the business.  The ladies there were very warm and enthusiastic.  Instead of training exercises like I had anticipated, I listened to a woman who had been in Premiere for 18 years.  This was possibly the best night for beginners to hear her testimony of how she has grown through this endeavor.  Not only was it inspiring personally but it was inspiring spiritually because her entire speech was God-centered.  Every lesson, every change she gave credit to the One who provided this opportunity.

That’s when I really felt this is something I should do.  I have no idea if I’ll be very prosperous with it, but that is becoming lower on my priority list in this case.  Yes, I want to do it for money, I could definitely use the bit of income, but when I saw all the other ways these women were blessed by this business I wanted more of that than monetary gain.  I believe it will lead me to enrich the lives of others as well as my own.  Last but not least, this business is HUGE in missions support which I think is amazing, so by working through them I can support missions around the world and that’s just super cool!  I can reach people close to me, friends of those close to me and people I won’t even meet.

It’s going to be a lot of work.  It’s a very different type of thing than I’ve ever done before.  I know if I seek God in this job to honor Him, I will also be blessed.  I’m super excited.  Thank you Lord for this opportunity!