Special Education Teacher: The Absurdity of Testing My Students

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This teacher teaches children with severe disabilities. She is a BAT. She is conscientious and devoted to her work. She was rated “developing,” which is one step above “ineffective.”

She writes:

“In my career (and this is every year), I am potty training, teaching self hygiene, teaching self regulation, executive functioning, how to SPEAK, for God’s sake.

“I teach children how to hold a pencil, write their name, the fundamentals that they need and more. On top of that, I teach a ridiculous curriculum, mandated by NYS, to a self-contained class of what has been Kindergarten through 3rd graders, sometimes all in one class. I have taught class sizes from 12 to 17, when there were only supposed to be 12. This past year, my class was a mix of children with autism, children who are emotionally disturbed and unmedicated, children with speech and language impairments, and children who…

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Aaaaaand I’m back!

Hey Y’all!!! Sorry for the long hiatus.  My boyfriend had eye surgery at the end of August, so I was busy taking care of him, and I started a new job at the beginning of this month. With all of that going on I didn’t have much time to set up blog posts.  I miss it and I hope ya’ll enjoy the new stuff coming up.  I’ll try to be more consistent.  Today’s motivational Monday post is inspired by the aforementioned new job as a preschool teacher.  I love my adorable new babies and while many people think it’s just babysitting it is NOT.  Children at this age are the most impressionable they will ever be and it is important to surround them with positive experiences that challenge them to grow.  I love this job!