An apology

Hello My Dear Readers,

I am so very sorry that I haven’t been posting lately.  Believe it or not blogging is a real challenge.  I love it so far, but lately I haven’t had anything really inspiring to write about.  I’ve had a few ideas but when I try to type it out the words fall flat.  So please forgive the lack of updates.   I hope you all are doing wonderfully and if you have any suggestions that would be super awesome!!!  Until this writer’s block breaks down, I hope everyone is out there chasing possibilities and opportunities.

Much Love,



3 Easy Steps

Hey friends, so my best advice right now for any of you who are getting a little antsy inside when the weather is nice, remember this and you’ll be fine!

You can’t make this S*** up

Introducing…The Squatty Potty

This is their Mission:  It’s our goal to change the way we poop, one ‘stool’ at a time.

Apparently this is legit…if you call their number you will “talk with a real human”

What really gets me in this picture however 1. Why the heck is she HUGGING it?  2. Is she Instagramming herself on it?

Last but not least, could you not use a regular stool in front of the toilet and get the same benefits?

Random Thursday…An Interview with New Teachers.

Hello Readers! Here is something new! My friend and I have both gotten our feet wet in the teaching field, but in rather different capacities. I have taught all subjects in elementary school for 2nd grade and 4th grade. My friend is super adventerous and spent a year in Korea teaching English as a Second Language. We thought it’d be cool to share and compare our experiences. Here ya go!

1. Why did you want to teach?

K: I’ve wanted to teach since I was a child, but I never knew what I wanted to teach. I worked as a teacher’s assistant for two years during college, and it was great. Then, when I discovered I could teach English as a second language in South Korea, I took the first opportunity that came along.

A: I have always loved being around kids I enjoy them more than anything. I also am a nerd, I love to learn and even teaching elementary school where you think you know everything you don’t.

2.What was the best part of teaching? Continue reading


It took me a while to find what I felt fitting for today.   Lately many of the people close to me, as well as myself have been going through some very trying times.  I wanted something encouraging and fitting.  This happens to be more for exercise but I think it really applies to life as well (especially since I don’t exercise ha)

Read With Open Eyes and an Open Heart

I don’t know about you but in all honesty I struggle to set aside time to be in God’s Word.  When I pick up my Bible, I know there is so much great stuff but I don’t know where to begin, or how to analyze it and apply it to my life on my own.  This other blogger that I stumbled upon has summed up thoughts on this very well and provided a much needed perspective.

Sometimes Bible stories captivate me, but many more times, this has not been the case. When it comes to this bi-polar relationship I have with scripture reading, I think that I’m onto something… The times when the Bible captivates me are the times when I’m willing to see my own heart in the story, instead of manipulating the temporal or cultural contexts to serve as barricades for me to hide behind, because I rather just put in my time than invest beyond a story’s surface. It’s alright to read it as a story, because it is a story, but it is so much more. Within every page of the narrative there is a mirror and it requires that you look for yourself and see where you are in relation to God. If you refuse to do this (which I think we all subconsciously do in our pride) you will catch yourself accusing the text as “boring” or “irrelevant.” After all, isn’t that the product of pride–to distance and disassociate yourself? Scripture reading is not something you owe God, so approaching it as spiritual homework will naturally cultivate a burdened attitude of resistance and dread. Rather, it is a way for God to address broad themes in your life, as well as the most hidden places in your heart. It’s all communicating our utter neediness of the One willingly and repeatedly offering Himself to us. This truth is the furthest thing from boring or irrelevant. My epiphany is this: It’s through these stories that we’re asked to acknowledge who and where we are, and it is only then that we’re able to accept the truth of who God is and the implications of that in our lives. The main purpose for reading scripture is not that you’d do it, but that you’d repeatedly peer into the ever-expanding, vastly fulfilling relation between you and God.”