Random Thursday…An Interview with New Teachers.

Hello Readers! Here is something new! My friend and I have both gotten our feet wet in the teaching field, but in rather different capacities. I have taught all subjects in elementary school for 2nd grade and 4th grade. My friend is super adventerous and spent a year in Korea teaching English as a Second Language. We thought it’d be cool to share and compare our experiences. Here ya go!

1. Why did you want to teach?

K: I’ve wanted to teach since I was a child, but I never knew what I wanted to teach. I worked as a teacher’s assistant for two years during college, and it was great. Then, when I discovered I could teach English as a second language in South Korea, I took the first opportunity that came along.

A: I have always loved being around kids I enjoy them more than anything. I also am a nerd, I love to learn and even teaching elementary school where you think you know everything you don’t.

2.What was the best part of teaching? Continue reading