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This one’s for the Star Wars and Star Trek fans!  Yes, you can be both but you probably have one that you prefer to the other…am I right?

Vader Vs. Picard Who Will Win?

I’m Not A White Man Feigning Empathy For Black People, I’m An Angry Human Who Resents Injustice

His bottom line is we have to face the issue of injustice in this country. I completely agree.

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For most of my youth, I was an active stage performer in Northern California. I performed in over 25 musical productions and a number of plays.

The most poignant performance … the one I’ll never forget … was an adaptation of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s anti-slavery novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin. The director (a black woman) wanted to draw attention to racism and choose to make a politically-charged statement: She cast a white teenager as Tom. That teen was me.

The director wasn’t looking to create a parody of blacks or their struggle by putting a white person in blackface. She was looking to make a strong social statement about race. I’ve never been one to shy away from making people think, so I signed on as the lead.

We rehearsed for five weeks for a 3-day run of the show in the small, suburban town of Sunnyvale, California (the center of what is now…

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Do You Believe in Miracles

This is an awesome story-even if it did happen 2 years ago.  A seemingly normal yet tragic rescue situation turned Miracle.  The only ones to witness it were the girl and the team working to save her life.  Proving the power of prayer! I encourage you to click the link, read the story/watch the video.  This is just incredible.  It’s wonderful to have a God that listens and cares for each and everyone of us.  What an experience it must have been for these people. If there is anything in your life that feels too heavy to bear, give it to the Lord in prayer.  Even better find someone to pray with you.  When you feel like you can’t do anything you can PRAY and that is worth more than you know!

Here’s an update to the story.


For a place I never really wanted to be and didn’t want to stay, I do refer to it as home.  I guess it’s inevitable if you grow up as a military kid and actually having the opportunity to settle down.  I was fortunate in that.  I probably wouldn’t have picked the little town in south east GA, and I certainly complained enough while I was there so why am I homesick?  I spent my teenage and college years there wishing for something more.  .

I didn’t take it all for granted entirely though.  Those years are so important and I had exactly what I neededI made friendships stronger than I could have ever imagined.  But that’s why it hurts so much.  Life goes on, people change and move and slowly lose touch.  I’ve always been aware of this (obviously since I moved so many times).  I moved out of state and have grown and changed as well.  My heart still longs for my friends, the memories, laughter and tears we shared.  Knowing they truly understood me and were there for me is a hard feeling for me to let go.

There are some days I’d give just about anything for a movie night with cookie dough or meeting up somewhere for drinks and a tipsy trip to Wal-Mart just because.  It makes me sad that I’m not there to celebrate or cry with them when big things happen in their lives.  I wish they were there for those things in my life too.

Again, I don’t take for granted the time I do have with them.  Since I’ve moved away most of them are actually still in the area so I spend lots of time with them when I go home for a visit.  It’s just never enough time.  These people that used to be my every-day are now just few times a year.  It hurts to think that it’s about to get harder as my parents move away and making the trip to visit will take a little more planning.  I already feel distant and I don’t want it to get worse.

I have beautiful wonderful friends and my love for them hasn’t changed.