Funny Friday

Since it’s the First, I felt this applied.


I’m on the Internet!

Hello Everyone!

If you’re a 90’s kid who remembers “Clarissa Explains It-All” think of this as my version.  I don’t know how many people are going to read this/ find this but it will be a place to share some thoughts and opinions.  Rules I have for this site: 1.)  I will not be giving personal information of any kind that would possibly detriment my safety or the confidence of people I care about. 2.)  This is for me and you as a reader/friend to enjoy, I plan to make it FUN! My plan right now is to share something everyday during the week.  It may not be terribly consistent but on days that I post it will be related to the planned theme with some randomness in between.

Motivational Monday:  because let’s face it, Monday’s are hard.

Topical Tuesday:  “Hot button issues” Often things related to the Internet world, Current News Events, and also some Educational soap-boxing.  I will try to keep the ranting to a minimum.  These will be very opinionated but in a respectful way.  I am not afraid to admit if I made a mistake or was mis-informed which can very well happen.

Walk in Faith Wednesday:  I am a Christian.  I am NOT perfect.  I have an INCREDIBLE GOD and I just want to share ways I see Him working.  I once had someone tell me that everyday I should ask myself, “Where did I see God today?” He is with me ALWAYS.

Thoughtful Thursdays- Send in your opinions and comments on this week’s posts and ask questions (anything, even silly stuff) and I will answer!

Funny Friday:  We need to laugh and relax!  Good job you made it through another week!