Election 2016 Reflection

Here we go. Today I woke up with a heavy heart as reality sets in with the results of the election. This campaign has been grueling for our nation. It has made some people show the absolute worst of themselves (My dear FB friends, I am blessed that I have seen little to none of it from you and I am grateful). I believe in America. I believe in our strength. I believe that we played an important part in the conditions that got us to this point and we have to take responsibility for that. I also believe there are problems within our government which we cannot control but we must do our best to hold it accountable. I think both candidates were terrible choices and both risk the safety of our nation inside and outside of our borders. I have no clue what the next four years will bring, but I pray for God’s peace and guidance. I urge you to remember WE are America; be better than what we are now. Reach out and love and support one another. No matter what choices the president makes, we make the choices that impact our daily lives in how we treat one another.

Today a 6 year old asked me if Donald Trump was a “bad man.” I paused. This innocent child is wondering if the person she is told is in charge of our country and our lives to the best of her ability to understand wants to know if the man who has been elected is going to cause harm to our wellbeing. My answer to her was, “since he has been elected, I hope that he makes good choices for our country.” That is the truth, but I wish I didn’t know it will be a such a stretch for him to do so. So that’s my prayer, that he will listen to advisors, pick men and women who are honest and trustworthy and make informed decisions instead of relying on rash impulses.

It’s taken me all day to get this far, I’m not sure if I will post more.