Letter to my 36 Year old self

Dear Future Alli,

Have you panicked about being in your 30s?  Are you still staying up late for no reason? Do you have a job you love?

Today is my 26th birthday and I hope that ten years from now I can look back and smile on the memories I’ve made and the woman I’ve become.  It will be a period of lots of changes and I hope I can say I do my best each day.  By this time I’m guessing you and your love will have been married and probably have a couple of kiddos who are driving you crazy but that you love more than anything in the world.  Visiting mom and dad in FL is special because more than likely daddy is still working but will take off for your return and they are the best grandparents ever!  I have no clue where you’ll be living or what you and your husband have achieved in your careers but I know that you will continue to support each other as you pursue goals that help you fulfill your purpose.  I hope that you’ve got some really awesome friends to enjoy and are still in touch with people that mean so much to you right now.  Now for questions.

What came after SmartPhones?

Do we have flying cars?

How is Westley?

What did having kids do to your body?

Do you live closer to parents or in-laws?

What’s your favorite band/song?

Do we have robot house maids?

Will he do the dishes now?

Have you learned a new language or have a new hobby?

Do you exercise?


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