This post is about waiting.  I am very very very bad at waiting.  I like to know what’s going to happen and plan accordingly.  I like to look at a day or week and fit things together nicely like a puzzle.  When my pieces overlap or don’t fit I can get a little testy.  “Go with the flow’ is not a way to describe me.  My Walk in Faith Wednesday posts lately have been about taking action instead of hesitating and questioning. I think I’ve done ok and grown in that respect.  However, lately as I continue to move forward I think God is asking me to be patient.

In short, I am not getting results quickly in anything I do and I feel the urge to want to get antsy about it.  I have many many questions floating in my head and I can’t do anything about them other than pray and wait.  I’m not necessarily “praying for patience.”  Instead, I am praying that God calms my mind so that I can put all of my trust in Him.  He holds the future and knows what’s best for me.  I will continue in making my days purposeful becauseI know that my purpose comes from Him.

I had this scheduled to post today but I’m updating as of Tuesday night because one of my questions that have needed answering has been answered!!!! Praise Jesus!!! I am so thankful and excited!!!  It encourages me to know that waiting is worth while and will hopefully make me worry less about those other unanswered questions.


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