8 Things That Surprised Me About Love, Once I Actually Found It 

I really just wanted to highlight #1 #3, #4, and #7. Growing up watching fairy tales and reading Nicholas Sparks, listening to musical soundtracks, I had this great vision of “love”. But I also knew real life is a little different. I’ve been wanting to write something on this matter but good ol’ Though Catalog kinda summed it up well. Being in love, I feel a comfort and a peace and trying to force anything into it lessens it. Being inexperienced in relationships, I felt it and responded to it before i was fully aware of where I was. I like it that way. Finally #7, relates back to number 1. In love, in this relationship, I am present, I have hopes and dreams of the future that I like to think about and talk about, but as to how it will really be I’m content in knowing God has that in control.

Thought Catalog

alexandraleary alexandraleary

There are many things I at one point convinced myself were love, and they usually weren’t the clichés, like co-dependency, or lust, or the idea of something over the reality of it. It was more often things that were a bit more abstract, and a lot more convincing: the person who fit the checklist perfectly, the person who gave me a general feeling of love met by an equal sense of uncertainty, friendship, need, rebound.

Finally finding the love I had for so long been seeking wasn’t a hormone-fueled implosion. It was a gentle awakening, a simple realization. It didn’t make me rash, it made me grounded. It didn’t make me want to plan forever, but be completely present. It was better than I ever could have fathomed, and yet nothing I’d ever expect. Here, all the things that surprised me about (real, live, easy, beautiful) love:

1. The…

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