These are the better kinds of internet comments

Questions I’ve Still Not Found Answers To:





  • Who is she that is coming around the mountain
  • why is she coming around the mountain
  • Is the number/color of horses significant in anyway
  • In my search for answers, I found that she apparently was wearing red pajamas
  • Why

Is it weird I always assumed She was the singer’s grandma? Like I just now realized they never name who She is.

The only people I knew as a child who were badass enough to be comin’ round the mountain in that fashion were grandmas.

Well, I don’t know about the mountain or the pajamas, but She is clearly a very impressive person. Why? Because She’s driving six white horses.

Back in times gone by, when driving horses was a thing that people did, it was considered very impressive if you could manage a four-in-hand. That is to say, four horses pulling your carriage. But six? That’s, like, wow. And the fact that she has a matched team — all white horses — means she’s got some means, because those are not cheap.

In conclusion, we should definitely all come out to meet her, have chicken and dumplings, shout “Hallelujah,” etc, when She comes, because She is loaded, and eccentric, and you just never know.

This is the best post on the whole website all of you can go home now.


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