Millennial Minds Part 1

Millennials- those who entered adulthood in the 2000s. To some of you that may be young, to most of you you’re probably there with me. Now I am 25- a quarter of a century old (WEIRD!). I have reached the last “rite of passage” into adulthood, yep that’s right getting a rental car! No, I haven’t actually done it (no need), but it’s the age where you’re told there are no more birthdays to look forward to because nothing big and special happens. Despite that fact we aren’t exactly “all grown up”. Now I don’t mean to say that we should have it all figured out by now because I believe no one ever reaches that milestone. However, we are a much more transient generation than any before us.

As Millennials, our world looks pretty different than that of our parents. We are the products of a post 9/11 world. Our parents also grew up and maybe even fought during a time of publicly denounced war; but its effect on our nation’s stand on security was much different. We’re the generation with more non-nuclear families than nuclear. We watched our parents struggle through the economic recession back in 2008. We are a generation that gets bounced around knocked down and picked back up.

The major difference is technology is at our finger-tips. We were fortunate to go to school in a time we could Google answers we didn’t know instead of countless hours in the library going through catalog cards (does anybody do that anymore?). Because of the hard work of generations before us, we live in a very privileged society. Now we have opportunities to reach anywhere in the world with our ideas and innovations. This all sounds fine and dandy but many of us are struggling to paint ourselves in that picture. What has this privilege we’ve grown up with brought us to as young adults?

There are many studies that have been done looking into the lives of millennials and what the world has in store for us. Ask any one of us and we’ll give you the same answer WE HAVE NO CLUE! We have so many possibilities however, many seem out of reach. Our minds are trying to adapt to this face paced instantaneous environment and it isn’t easy. We have a lot of questions and few answers. The black and white seems a lot more gray. So how do we define our world and ourselves now? How do we process this non-stop information? What effect does it have on our abilities and our happiness?

This is part 1. Part 2 will come next week!


One thought on “Millennial Minds Part 1

  1. This isn’t true! At 35, you can become President. At 50, you’ve “over the hill”. And at 65 you can get AARP discounts! 🙂


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