Media Hype

I feel this blog is important for the rest of my Topic Tuesdays. The way the media sensationalizes so many things that do not matter and are so polarized often lacking common sense drives me crazy!

News channels focusing more on celebs and making things that aren’t news. It’s no secret that if you want to see the definition of ignorance just look on comments to news reports or YouTube videos. They seem to bring out the worst in people and half the time it isn’t even related to the post to begin with. What good does that do?

Reality T.V. i.e. Keeping up with the Kardashians and things of that nature where it’s all about people having sex and getting drunk and spending crazy amounts of money they get from being famous for absolutely no reason. We all imagine what life is like for the other half but that level of drama to me is ridiculous. Also shows like Swamp People, Extreme Couponing, and Toddlers in Tiaras, I just don’t understand because it seems people just make a show about anything and to some extent that the people in the shows are exploited or don’t care that the shows put them in this stigmatized light because they get the fame, money and recognition. I do enjoy some reality shows,;it’s kind of hard to avoid them completely when we as people are built to relate to other people’s stories. Regardless if I like the show or not I am fully aware that these people are most likely not completely themselves because of the presence of the camera, but still…it is a little sad to see people on that level of outrageous and I don’t like what it says about our culture that we continue to buy into it.

Sex in commercials that are awkward products to associate with sex like cat food make me uncomfortable. Chocolate, underwear, cologne/perfume, alcohol and things of that nature make sense since the association is rather obvious. Maybe you don’t realize, but if you pay attention you hear the soft smooth voice and see the fancy writing with the simple “elegant” colors…yep there it is. My question is WHY and can’t there be a better way to advertise things that are not supposed to be sexy?

Hopefully that will give you some insight into my thought patterns and whether or not you will want to read some of the further Topic Tuesday posts. I will work to find interesting topics and keep rants to a minimum. Your feedback would be awesome!

Thanks for reading!



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